Homeless Veterans NO MAS!

HVNM was created by a group of individuals dedicated to supporting our veterans by coming together with hope, love, and dedication.  As we continue looking for the best way to benefit our veterans we will be raising money for www. fisherhouse.org. The first Fisherhouse in NM. We want to work with other affiliates in different cities to continue the fight for our veterans. We believe we all care and share the same vision for them. That no veteran should ever have to confront any other battle coming home. We raise our voices and act to ensure they will know we are thankful for our Freedoms, to know we have not forgotten. We welcome others of the same. Homeless Veterans NO MAS a vision put forth by Larry Waisner, Donald Conger, and fellow veterans who came together to the same all live in Jemez Springs NM.  Like minded  Dodie Brown and Kenneth Segura Knoll later joined to provide assistance to the Homeless Veterans in the great state of NM.

Please Visit our Sponsors below.   We owe a great deal to them in helping us make this dream a reality.